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Leonardo da Vinci: The Melzi Chronicles by J. K. Kulski is the life story of the genius Leonardo da Vinci and how he survived the political intrigues and wars of his time to produce his many inventions, entertainments, and major works of art.

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    The science, mathematics, geometry, symbols, history and pictorial codes of the portraiture of the Franciscan friar and mathematician Luca Pacioli, the condottiero and jouster Galeazzo Sanseverino, and an enigmatic black fly, together with an encoded, mysterious anagram (IACO. B AR. VIGEN NIS. P. 1495) describing the political intrigues in the Duchy ofMilan during the time of Leonardo da Vinci.

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    China Heist is a crime novel set in the lucky country, Australia, during the height of its multi-billion dollar mining boom.

    NEW!!! December 2022

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    The story of Wladek-PΔ28933: A Polish Paradox by J. K. Kulski relates to Wladek's gallant odyssey through the Kingdom of Galicia, Republic of Poland, Nazi Germany and the Land Down Under; his quests, successes, and failures, while always remembering the importance of love, family and home. Wladek’s reliance on his wit, kindness and psychological need for survival in his encounters with various divine, natural and evil forces, allowed him a remarkable, albeit a strange and paradoxical fifty-eight-year voyage of life on planet Earth.


    In this book, Next Generation Sequencing Advances, Applications and Challenges, the sixteen chapters written by experts cover various aspects of NGS including genomics, transcriptomics and methylomics, the sequencing platforms, and the bioinformatics challenges in processing and analysing huge amounts of sequencing data.


      This Special Issue published by Cells has 19 papers contributed by various authors on the role of the polymorphic MHC class I and class II genes, non MHC genes, haplotypes, and other MHC related molecules in health and disease in humans and other species.

      2020 Research Topic for Frontiers on Population Genomic Architecture: Conserved Polymorphic Sequences (CPSs), Not Linkage Disequilibrium.

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